About my personal story, I have to say I was born with many channels open. It was usual for me to see beings from other planes of existence. In my teenage years I blocked my gifts because of social reasons. Many years later when my faith in God was recovered, I got my gifts back. When I speak of God I mean that unconditional love force that permeates everything in the Universe.


My psychic powers improved thanks to a disciplined spiritual practice, a plant-based diet and a harmonious lifestyle. Meditating and doing service with guru Amma in India and guru Dharma Sangha in Nepal have been a blessing. In addition I have met and shared with Taitas and grandparents in South America.  My consciousness and my heart keep expanding thanks to silent retreats, fasting retreats, power plants, community living, faith and devotion to Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)




Psychic powers are gifted by the universe in order to help others. Under the protection and guidance of angels, ascended masters and beings from other planes of existence I can link the invisible world with the visible one. As a medium I help you to connect with your mission on Earth, your gifts and your linage.


My purpose is to connect you with tools for self-healing and for raising your vibrational level. My aim is to help you to live in harmony with yourself and your natural environment.






Clairvoyance and clairaudience are my main gifts and my main tools for helping others to get clarity in their lives.


I feel blessed to be able to serve as a channel of love and light. Helping sisters and brothers around the world to connect with their higher self and their essence is my life's mission.