Welcome to the magical world of Sukhāvatī,


- Channeler, Medium, Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Art Historian -


On this platform you can find her offerings and testimonials.

She has been spreading her magic in Spain, England, Peru, Mexico, India, Nepal, and Indonesia.


You can book an online 1:1 session with Sukhāvatī or a group experience. 


She is very active on her IG account @sukhavati333

and Telegram channel https://t.me/Sukhavati


Much love xx 



"My mission is to help you seeing and recognising your own beauty, your path and your mission on Earth

You are your own healer, I am here to connect you with your personal power"


Cosmic Shamanic Channeling Session

During a one hour session we go on a therapeutic journey in which you can:


* Receive messages from your guides, angels and masters

* Communicate with ancestors and family members who passed away

* Resolve past life traumas

* Unblock energetically

* Get rid of entities, parasites, demons and black magic

* Ask for advice on relationships, job, places, love, etc.

* Receive practical exercises to help you on your path (specific meditations and psychomagic)

* Receive light codes from Antares transmitted to me by Mexican teachers Kai & Ornai

* Get rid of karmic spells and contracts

* Feel the healing benefits of crystals

* Feel the healing power of flowers and plants

  In this session I use a shamanic drum, singing bowls and light languange to take you in a soul journey. The shamanic vibration makes you experience the healing process through your body. I purge for you.  On the other hand, the cosmic vibration brings upgrades to your energy body with the new light codes coming to Earth. 


It's a life time experience. Click on Testimonials to know more about it. 


What would you need for an ONLINE session? 


+ zoom


+ earphones


+ 4 bowls filled with water, soil, flowers and salt respectively


+surrender and trust to go deeper into the processes


The session includes a 21 days personalised integrative program.


1 hour session via Zoom  - $150

1 hour session in person - $200


Book now :) 

Holistic Tarot Reading

In this session I use the Rider Waite Deck to solve your questions.


The session begins with a meditation for grounding in English and Light Language followed by a Celtic Cross Reading (general spread) and 2 more spreads to resolve specific questions.


The cards have been with me for many years since I worked as an Art Historian until now that I work as a Shamanic Channeler.


I have lectured on the Tarot in Museums and Art Galleries and have trained tarot readers in various countries around the world.


My approach to the Tarot is not as an oracle but as a tool for spiritual growth. 

Astral Chart Reading & Astrocartography Report

These are two different sessions. The first one includes a profound study of your birth chart and current transits, and the second one is your astrocartography report. The latter is a science that applies the influence of the planets to the Earth Map. In this way we can get to know what countries are more suitable for you for specific aims, for example, to expand yourself professionally or to find love.


🌺📿 To dive deeper into self - knowing and self - love;
to get into meaningful communication with the light beings that surround you;
to truly understand your path and activate your mission 🙌
Feel free to drop me a message for more info 🌺💛


🔮🧿🪄Have you ever wished to know everything about TAROT?
💫This is your opportunity!
A SEVEN WEEK full immersion program using the Rider - Waite Tarot Deck💫
2 January - 13 February

No prior knowledge needed, we start from scratch!

This is what we will do :
🪐Learning about the history of Tarot, its iconography and its mystical study
🙌Taking the deck as a tool to evolve spiritually through the path of self-knowledge
🌙Understanding Pythagorean numerology
⚘Learning about the Greco-Roman mythology and its archetypes
🙌Connecting Evolutionary Astrology with the Tarot Deck Images
🌻Self energy alignment and self healing meditations with the Major Arcana
🌸A Tarot Deck Initiation Ritual
🙌Tarot as an Oracle: card spreads for love, work, health and the Celtic cross
💫The Art of Tarot Card Reading (reversed cards, light and shadow, etc.,)
🔮The practice: a myriad of examples
🙌A Spiritual Guide to Counselling
🪄Learning to tap into your Intuition, receive channeled messages and go beyond the ego game
🙌Energy Clearing & Energy Protection Techniques
🧿Spiritual Tarot Reader Good Conduct Guide & Initiation Ritual

🕉This training is facilitated by
Sukhāvatī - Art Historian, Channeler, Clairvoyant and Professional Tarot Reader.
💌DM to recieve more info! Limited spaces available

Crowning Gaia * Co - Creating Light

A network experience - of play and co-creation - where each participant becomes a conscious antenna that emanates sacred geometries, light language and vibrations from its tonal essence.


Aiming to explore your own multidimensional being and that of Gaia. Opening yourself to receive and emit high vibrational energy. Weaving in fraternity to raise Gaia's vibrational frequency.


Together we will co - create light grids around Gaia while connecting with ethereal crystals,

light cities, whales and dolphins 

Every week we will connect via zoom to receive energy updates, channel together and receive support from the fellow light workers.


Previous experience is not required in order to play like cosmic children.

We start on September the 12th


7 weeks

... close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of this open call ...

does it resonate with you?

We meet on Sundays via ZOOM, 2-3 hours. Recordings will be available and a group on Telegram too.

Facilitated by Sukhāvatī - channeler in service since 2016

Feedback from Carina

"Within this course we went deep into the rich world of tarot; the history, symbology, numerology, the astrological connections, spreads and much more. Sukhāvatī shares her wisdom with such ease and in a way that really makes sense and lands with me.

More significantly for me studying with Sukhāvatī involved what I can only describe as an awakening process. Through the healing meditations, mantras, guidance and support I removed blocks in my energy and obstacles to my intuition. What I received from this course could not come from any book or even any teacher. For me it was an initiation, an activation and an awakening. It was part of a profound shift in my energy and my life. If you are serious about tarot, healing and expansion then this is for you."

Ascension Keys App


In this free app you can find many spiritual tools for your evolution! You can also find my weekly videos in the "Tuning into Astrology" section.



En esta aplicación gratuita puedes encontrar herramientas espirituales como meditaciones, música, programas de radio y mucho más. También puedes encontrar mis vídeos semanales sobre el Clima Astrológico en la sección "Tuning into Astrology".