Cosmic Shamanic Channelling Session



During one hour and a half session we go into a therapeutic journey in which you can:


* Receive messages from your guides, angels and masters


* Communicate with ancestors and family members who passed away


* Resolve past live traumas


* Unblock energetically


* Ask for relationships, job, places, love, etc.


* Receive light codes


* Get rid of karmic spells and contracts


* Receive practical exercises to help you in your path (specific meditations and psychomagic)



* Feel the healing benefits of crystals


 In this session I use a shamanic drum, singing bowls and light languange to take you in a soul journey. The shamanic vibration makes you experience the healing process through your body. I purge for you.  On the other hand, the cosmic vibration brings upgrades to your energy body with the new light codes coming to Earth. 


It's a life time experience. Clicon Testimonials to know more about it. 


What would you need for an ONLINE session? 

+ zoom

+ earphones

+ 4 bowls filled with water, soil, flowers and salt respectively

+surrender and trust to go deeper into the processes



Includes a following up bia Whatsapp/ Telegram to make sure you complete the psychomagic integration ritual. Sometimes is 7,8,9,11....even 33 days depending on what the guides suggest.


Boonow :)



108,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days