Crowning Gaia * Co - Creating Light Grids


Crowning Gaia * Co - Creating Light Grids


* A network experience - of play and co-creation - where each participant becomes a conscious antenna that emanates sacred geometries, light language and vibrations from its tonal essence. �


* Aiming to explore your own multidimensional being and that of Gaia. Opening yourself to receive and emit high vibrational energy. Weaving in fraternity to raise Gaia's vibrational frequency *


* Together we will co - create light grids around Gaia while connecting with ethereal crystals,

light cities, whales and dolphins *

Every week we will connect via zoom to receive energy updates, channel together and receive support from the fellow light workers.


* Previous experience is not required in order to play like cosmic children.

We start on September the 12th



7 weeks


... close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy of this open call ...

does it resonate with you?


We meet on Sundays via ZOOM, 2-3 hours. Recordings will be available and a group on Telegram too.


Facilitated by Sukhāvatī - channeler in service since 2016

DM to receive the pdf with all the details




+62 0813 5326 5910


222,00 €

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