Light Language Activation Lab

What’s  the Light Language about?


It is your original language, the language of your soul.

Each person has their unique vibration and their language is an expression of that vibration.

The light language can be spoken, sung, drawn or gestured with the hands.


What’s light language for?


It serves to vibrate higher. And from that vibration, healing occurs spontaneously (in you and in the people who listen to it).

When you speak in light language, you must leave your rational mind to connect with your soul. Hence the purity of this language.

It is a multidimensional tool: those frequencies that are sung, drawn or gesticulated are the exact geometric patterns that a person's subtle body needs to heal, perform an energetic release or activate gifts.


Can all people activate their Light Language?


Yes. All that is needed is to vibrate higher, connecting with your own essence and daring to express your inner truth.

In this 6-week journey we will be doing a series of practices that will help you with the required alignment.

We will do channeled meditations, sound baths with different families of light, dances, mudras, sacred geometries, chants, automatic writing and much more.

The throat chakra is the one we will work the most. I will share release, healing and activation codes for this chakra.

If the light language has already been activated, is this workshop for me?

I feel that yes, because we will practice to refine and polish the language. We will also do exercises in pairs where we will use the language for different purposes.


What is the purpose of this experience?



Connect with your creativity

Expand the heart and consciousness

Use the light language as a healing tool



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