Professional Tarot Reader Training Program

Professional Tarot Reader
7 week Training Program

���Have you ever wished to know everything about TAROT?
�This is your opportunity!
A SEVEN WEEK full immersion program using the Rider - Waite Tarot Deck�
2 January - 13 February

No prior knowledge needed, we start from scratch!

This is what we will do :
�Learning about the history of Tarot, its iconography and its mystical study
�Taking the deck as a tool to evolve spiritually through the path of self-knowledge
�Understanding Pythagorean numerology
⚘Learning about the Greco-Roman mythology and its archetypes
�Connecting Evolutionary Astrology with the Tarot Deck Images
�Self energy alignment and self healing meditations with the Major Arcana
�A Tarot Deck Initiation Ritual
�Tarot as an Oracle: card spreads for love, work, health and the Celtic cross
�The Art of Tarot Card Reading (reversed cards, light and shadow, etc.,)
�The practice: a myriad of examples
�A Spiritual Guide to Counselling
�Learning to tap into your Intuition, receive channeled messages and go beyond the ego game
�Energy Clearing & Energy Protection Techniques
�Spiritual Tarot Reader Good Conduct Guide & Initiation Ritual

�This training is facilitated by
Sukhāvatī - Art Historian, Channeler, Clairvoyant and Professional Tarot Reader.
�DM to recieve more info! Limited spaces available

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