Not long ago I had a session with Sukhāvatī. She works intuitively and instinctively, she communicates the information in a direct but soft and honest way. Her ability to channel the energy is remarkable and the experience as a whole was quite pleasent, even though it made me tired afterwards. During the session one has time to write down the info/messages and ask questions. I was impressed of how accurate her messages was. I learned a lot of things during that short session (1,5h literally flew by) and I recieved helpful information that enabled me to continue my work with myself.

The work Sukhāvatīis doing, her power to navigate the spiritual realms and to communicate the information makes Luz to a rare, powerful medium which will help and benifit anyone who is interested or feel the need to receive other perspectives of areas of one’s life, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Thank you Sukhāvatī for the session and the work you're doing! Keep it up!

Om Nama Shivaya.

Dan Persson


I would like to thank Sukhāvatī for a very beautiful and gentle channelling when it was very much needed to be done. She created a safe space for me to open up and dwell into the depths of sacred space that is created as a portal for me to meet my healing family from the above. I appreciate the good work she has done to read the information overload coming from my head and spine. I felt so light and hopeful after the healing session. I haven’t been able to fullfill my purpose in a long time and I feel that this reading has helped me to stay more grounded and focused in terms of a situation I’m in. Because I live abroad for about ten years the connection with family is really important to me and I was so lucky to be able to witness the spiritual connection with a family member that has passed a long time ago. Also I feel very pleasantly hopeful to recreate the relationship with someone from the family that I thought was impossible or at least scarily hard to do. She showed me that it is not too late and even though our time here is short, every good deed counts and kindness matter.


Justina Gervyte

It is in April 2017. It's a peaceful place deep in southern Nepal, lovely and compassionate. On its back are the last hills of the Himalayas stretching southward, and ahead are the vast plains of India. The April day in southern Nepal is already hot and humid. There are different kinds of trees and plants growing naturally in this Maitri center.


In those days, Sukhāvatī was in a condition of keeping speechless and peaceful. In a conversation with her sister Christina, I was told that maybe I can have a chance to get Sukhāvatī's healing and help. I'd love to, and I hope to get Sukhāvatī's help if without affecting her practice. Through written communication, we made an appointment to start at 8:30 a.m.the next day.


I arrived at the public area of the tents area at eight o'clock in the morning. I saw her meditating, so I sat beside her. In the meditation beside her, I felt peaceful and comfortable. My nasal obstruction caused by the cold was unblocked.


At 8:30, she took me along a small dirt road to a hillside, where there are many kinds of big trees.

In the treatment for me, she began to speak, and she told me:She saw me falling in the dark abyss, hopeless. My life began to be saved to the brightness when I met Guru.

Indeed, my life was at a lowest ebb then, unsolvable. My career fails, family members are seriously ill, interpersonal relationships are getting very bad, My mental disorders are getting worse and worse, and so on. The life is totally out of control.I can't go back to normal. Not possible by myself. Beyond my capability. 


(Today, two years later, March 2019.

My career already started a new chapter, family member’s serious illness encountered good medicine and good doctor, new kind friends began to emerge around me, the old bad relationship has the opportunity to alleviate and redeem, mental disorders almost eliminated. Everything is incredible. It seems that my life has been arranged satisfactorily and I was put on a smooth and hopeful track.)


She began to help me heal. After curing treatment. She told me she saw two devil's horns on my head. An angel came to help me take them away already. there are angels to help me clean my bad karma. 

During my days in southern Nepal, my body and mind were very refreshing, and my eyes became more bright. I got relaxation that I haven't experienced for a long time. 


There are several other predictions and answers about my future from Sukhāvatī. I know she's right. I want to share them with you in a few years later when it becomes a reality. Sukhāvatī is a kind and lovely lady with a beautiful heart and the ability to heal others. 


I believe her appearance and her help is the Guru’s gift to me. she comes to guide me to redeem myself and help me to be saved.


Wei Tian

Sukhāvatī is a talented psychic and the messages I received from her still resonate today. Her kindness and care emanate as she gives the reading, making you know you can trust the messages she's giving are from the heart. I recommend her if you are looking for answers in your life and need some special assistance! - Ashley.


Ashley Heacock

With Sukhāvatī I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a channeling session, tarot cards reading and astrological reading. Each of them was a beautiful experience that gave me more clarity of my life and the questions weighing on me. Luz is a healer who connected with my heart and helped me see what I was not seeing before. She opened a new world for me that before I only had glimpses into. As a guide she helped me navigate the uncertainties and doubts that troubled me and aided me in finding more peace with myself. I am incredibly grateful for my transformation into a more content person and one who is more capable of facing the challenges of life more gracefully than ever. Thank you Sukhāvatī.



Alexander Obercuz

I had one channeling session with Sukhāvatī and was amazed by the experience. She speaks with so much compassion and love.. Hope to meet this beautiful ray of light again one day - highly recommend! :)



Nadia Mori

My channelling session with Sukhāvatī gave me clear directions to access my spirituality, filling my soul with positivity and improving my general well-being. Feeling connected, thank you 💖


Alice Lee

I have had an incredible few sessions with Sukhāvatī where she was able to see things that astounded me due to the level of resonance I felt with what she saw. She creates an incredibly safe space to be able to trust the process and relax. I always leave the session feeling lighter and inspired with a sense of purpose and direction. 100% recommended!!


Nick Hadfield